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We are an expert in payment gateway plug-in development for various E-commerce shopping cart software like osCommerce, Shop Script, aMember Pro, VP-ASP, and many more. We integrate all major payment gateways including, PayPal, Ccavenue, 2Checkout, Verisign etc. Just provide us with your sign-up information with the provider & any integration information enclosed in the email or provided as a download.

In the last couple of years we have worked extensively on many E-Commerce Shopping Cart Software. With our understanding of these shopping cart software have been able to satisfy all our clients in the payment gateway service provider industry. We have developed plug-in to integrate Cyberbit A/S payment gateway with various E-Commerce software.

The Payment Gateway is needed to be acquired by the owner of the site and the integration of the same into the website is performed by us. There exist various types of Payment Gateways, some of which are mentioned below & since it requires varying amounts of effort in integrating; so cost for the integration of each Payment Gateway varies accordingly, starting from the minimum amount of Rs 8000 only.

Working of Payment Gateway

Though it may sound simple, but actually the entire working of a payment gateway is comprised of multiple complex steps; a brief of which is given below:

-  The visitor places the order on the website and it is sent to the merchant's web server in encrypted format. This is usually done via SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encrypted.
-  The transaction details are then forwarded to the concerned Payment Gateway.
-  The transaction information is then passed on to the merchants acquiring bank by the Payment Gateway.
-  Merchants acquiring bank then forwards the transaction information to the issuing bank (one that issued the credit card to the customer).
-  Then the card issuing bank sends a response back to the Payment Gateway. The response includes information that whether the payment has been approved or declined. In case of declination the reason is also sent in the response.
-  The response is then forwarded by the Payment Gateway to the merchant's server.
-  At merchants server the response is encrypted again and is relayed back to the customer. This allows the customer to know that whether the order has been placed successfully or not.
-  The entire process typically takes less than 5 seconds. At the end of the bank day (or settlement period), the acquiring bank (or card issuing bank) deposits the total of the approved funds in to the merchant's nominated account.

What do you get? 
-  Payment page on your website to start accepting credit cards
-  Receive an email on every attempt of payment for each customer
-  Track IP address of customer with country name to prevent fraud
-  Receive instant payment received notification
-  Allow customers with easy check out & reduce repeated data entry
-  Instantly inform customers with a copy of payment attempt or receipt
-  Expert & Friendly approach to design
-  Flexibility that is normally required for new business or new idea
-  No Hidden Cost

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